Main effect Moisturizing AKARZ natural serum extract essence Fade wrinkles Freckle Removing face skin care

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Main effect Moisturizing AKARZ Famous brand pure natural Essence Serum  Fade wrinkles Anti-Aging Freckle Removing face skin care

Hyaluronic acid is a natural and efficient moisturizing factor, with the human skin affinity, can improve the skin water absorption, water lock capacity, repair damaged skin, promote skin blood circulation, deep nourish skin. This product without any chemical added, no stimulation, suitable for all kinds of skin use. If the digestive system of oral absorption, can supplement the hyaluronic acid body lacks, lock the moisture from the dermis, the fight against the signs of aging, perfect skin reconstruction.
[main ingredients]: hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid, deionized water
[Methods]: hyaluronic acid liquid drops on the inside, with a beauty that dipped into the product in the face 5, gently pat until fully absorbed.
Hyaluronic acid, known as hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic acid, referred to as HA) or hyaluronic acid, a disaccharide unit (glucuronic acid -N- B sulfur glucosamine) composed of straight chain polymer polysaccharide, is a natural substance in the organization. Film clip lens in nature widely exists in the vertebrate connective tissue, mucous tissue, eye and certain bacteria, play an important role in the human dermis matrix, whether it is the organizational structure of the overall maintenance or transport between cells have very important function.
Hyaluronic acid (HA) not only maintain the elasticity of the skin function, can lock a lot of water molecules, with moisturizing lubrication to the organization, make the skin plump young and elastic, but with the increase of age, loss of hyaluronic acid faster than the growth speed, the skin will gradually become a lack of moisture, lose luster and elasticity, long down there wrinkles and aging.
Hyaluronic acid can not only keep the skin moisture, moisture can be caught in the external environment, keep the skin in a wet state in the long term, it is also known as hyaluronic acid in the maintenance of the "moisturizing Diva", and image will be compared to the hyaluronic acid absorbent sponge. But with the increase of age, the thirty year old skin, hyaluronic acid was only a baby 65%, at the age of sixty, only 25% ha, decreased after the loss of skin like dermal moisture, gradually lose elasticity and luster. Therefore, the use of hyaluronic acid or hyaluronic acid skin care products, has become the essential beauty of people on the dresser moisturizing magic.
In the beauty of the development so far, more and more skin care products contain hyaluronic acid, especially for moisture, moisturizing skin care products, skin care products are more focused on hyaluronic acid technology. Therefore, more and more people outside the 
Hyaluronic acid in the field of medicine called hyaluronic acid, generally considered to be the safest and most convenient filling injection beauty products. Are you wondering "why the stars four, 50 still looks like 30 years old skin smooth, no wrinkles". The answer is hyaluronic acid. Why the stars will have the same choice you ha? First is convenient, quick effect. Where to go where the injection, a needle, immediately bear fruit, even the injection of the pinhole will automatically disappear in second days. Followed by security. As an inherent element of human body, it will not produce allergies and exclusion, but more importantly, the effect of natural.
Research shows that no matter how good the composition containing cosmetics are usually not penetrate into the dermis, especially as hyaluronic acid molecules such that only apply on the skin surface could not be dermal absorption. Therefore, Rui Ni Weier through various condition control in the fermentation process of producing hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, this small molecule that can penetrate the skin corneum into dermis, dermis of decreasing HA, and epidermal cells combine to form a mesh structure, lock up water molecules. To moisture, moisturizing effect. On the other hand, the company will be a large molecular weight of hyaluronic acid added into a variety of health food, through oral absorption, can significantly increase the body of hyaluronic acid synthesis premise, so that the skin's water retention increased, full of elasticity. Wrinkle reduction.



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Main effect Moisturizing AKARZ natural serum extract essence Fade wrinkles Freckle Removing face skin care
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