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In China, especially the pure oil of camellia oil has always been the beauty of special products rich woman, 3000 years of countless women with beautiful white skin, oil and camellia oil is the Almighty "cosmetic", whether to eat or wipe with beauty and magic.
The only God oil can lose weight
Oil camellia oil unsaturated fatty acid and high quality of natural vitamin E, can be decomposed body fat; vitamin K it can absorb excess subcutaneous fat, so it is only internal and external have effect reducing weight of natural plant oil god. Old tea oil can not eat 
Both sun and can prevent freezing
Oil camellia oil summer sun in winter can be freezing, summer is coated on the skin can prevent skin redness and swelling pain, especially to prevent skin cancer; winter for skin, chapped chapped hands, shed has excellent effect of preventing. Pickled baby urine, sweat can be applied.
Like water absorbed by the skin
Oil camellia oil light gold, pure and clear, fresh and not sticky, water makes it particularly suitable for camellia oil absorption, oil in the skin, a caress skin quickly and assimilation, which is compared with other natural oil can not.
The whole body skin become tender
Oil camellia oil is rich in natural vitamin E, A, B, D, K, F, nourish the skin very mild side effects, no artificial chemical cosmetics, can quickly make the skin soft and Matt gloss. General feeling has obvious first oil bath.
Can rapidly improve skin problems
Oil camellia oil preparation can treat burns and scalds in medicine, anti-inflammatory and nourish the skin growth, can prevent chapped skin and itching, it eliminates the striae gravidarum, old scars, acne and other skin problems have obvious spot. (the owner of real photos for reference)
How to make the oil bath at home
Shower body wash when dry, with 25 ml (half bottle) oil camellia oil evenly coated all over the body, self massage for about 15 minutes, use baby soap wash Kaigan body. Adhere to the oil bath, your skin will become thin, tender and soft and beautiful and white.
Hair: the hair oil, camellia oil nourish hair, repeated combing, for an hour, and then gently rinse make hair shiny and elegant.
The face of oil camellia oil with good honey, gently massage to remove facial wrinkles, but also films and high quality white sugar with modulation.
Eye: daily morning and evening oil camellia oil massage the eyes for ten minutes, can eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes, but also you have a pair of bright and charming eyes.
So every morning: oil camellia oil carefully brush run and maintenance of eyelashes and eyebrows, can make you have beautiful features around the shiny, dark.
Lip: the oil camellia oil painted lips, lips to keep lips moist, bright and sexy, also need not worry about devour lipstick lead to harm.
Hand: each wash hands or done housework, insist on oil camellia oil moisturizes and her hands for 5 minutes, can maintain the delicate and beautiful hand.
Nails: the oil camellia oil massage nails and toenails and fingernails and toenails falling into color smooth, crystal clear, so beautiful and cute.
Back: the back of care and the inconvenience due to frequent flaws, shower the family request help to oil camellia oil massage, can give back and smooth charm.
Abdomen: easy accumulation of fat or stretch marks, with oil camellia oil massage to restore the abdomen Guangrun flat, massage navel is beauty fashion.
Leg: large pores, rough skin or the line is not good, can be changed by every oil camellia oil massage, but also you have a pair of legs.
Foot: every time after washing the feet a few drops of oil camellia oil, massage the feet, and prevent the foot skin yellowing, aging, hardening
Weight loss principle and special function summary
Oil camellia oil function reads: oil camellia oil not only can help digestion, prevent constipation, weight loss so great. At the same time, Hill camellia oil can also prevent skin aging, make the skin more healthy, more elastic. I remember every morning before breakfast, fasting drink two tablespoons oil camellia oil, which is eager to have delicate skin you, very helpful. The cooking time, switch to mountain camellia oil. Because it is low in calories than oil, not only helps to lose weight, but also rich in vitamins, the body is very good. When eating salad, you can also use it to replace high calorie sauce, delicious taste and let you lead a person to endless aftertastes.
Understanding of the mountain camellia oil
Camellia oil is the oil was known as "liquid gold", rich in vitamins A, D, E, K, F, these are easy to be absorbed by the skin of the fat soluble vitamins. Especially the content of vitamin E, containing 8 mg per 100 grams of oil camellia oil, all plants of the highest concentrations.
Analysis of oil camellia oil of different uses
In addition to cooking outside, in fact, there are many other effects of camellia oil, below we have a look at another of its purpose and specific use!
Moisturize the skin
Usage: apply face, the first face of the oil with warm water to wash, dry towel gently wiped moisture, then dip cotton, oil and tea oil, over the Mayu face, and after 10 to 15 minutes later, with hot towels Fumian, finally with a dry towel gently wipe; run body, bath after a glass the water add some oil camellia oil mix evenly, sub sub poured in every part of the body, then the proper massage, can make the skin more smooth.
Usage: eye pattern, to deal with annoying fine lines, wrinkles or fine lines, you can use two drops of oil camellia oil with a little aloe glue evenly onto the fine lines, once painted to absorb, and immediately see lines (do not wash out can be directly on the makeup)
Striae of pregnancy
With a spoonful of oil camellia oil rub on the stretch marks office, gently massage, long-term adherence, stretch marks can be removed, or to make it lighter.
Hair care
Usage: put an egg yolk and the amount of oil camellia oil and stir into a paste, hair wash after wiping the hair of their, stay 20-30 minutes, then washed, your hair will become more shiny and elastic.
On, off
Usage: on the makeup, the basic cosmetics drop 1 to 2 drops of oil camellia oil, rub evenly coated on the face, the skin immediately becomes bright and vivid; remover, remover on a cotton pad to two drops of oil camellia oil, it can be relieved stubborn makeup, including waterproof as cosmetics.
Run Chun
Usage: look at the lips with hot towel before going to sleep at night, and then dip a cotton pad and cover the lips of oil camellia oil, the next day it is powder. Especially for lipstick every day, people need to maintain such lips.
Reduce weight
Usage: oil camellia oil contains vitamin E, easily absorbed by the skin, which helps to keep the United States women's posture. It not only can help digestion, but also to prevent constipation, so significant weight loss. I remember every morning before breakfast, fasting drink two tablespoons oil camellia oil, the effect of weight loss is very ideal.
Foot care
Usage: it is said that this is a professional model who care enough to "secret": give your feet on the film. The sea salt and oil camellia oil in a 2:1 ratio of allocation, full foot massage, and then towel; to the foot massage. To add a few drops of oil camellia oil, Vaseline, mixing can be used to their feet after the massage.
How to mask the mountain camellia oil
Oil camellia oil has a good cosmetic effect of camellia oil on the skin, the oil can resist ultraviolet to prevent skin cancer, but also can whitening, moisturizing, moisturizing effect, can eliminate facial wrinkles, prevent skin aging, skin and hair care and prevention of hand foot chapped efficacy, can "eat" the beauty and skin care products Oh, today to share with you how to homemade mask with the old tea.
1, whitening mask
Materials: a spoonful of sugar, oil and camellia oil
Production method: mix sugar and oil camellia oil, put the mask of paper soaked Fuyu face, 3 times a week, not only be able to shrink pores, there are significant whitening effect.
2, freckle facial mask
Materials: a spoonful of honey oil, camellia oil, a little piece of gauze or paper mask
Production method: oil camellia oil is heated to 37 DEG C, adding an appropriate amount of honey, gauze or paper mask oil removal, cover the face for about 20 minutes, can prevent skin aging, skin freckle wrinkles, suitable for very dry skin.
3, anti wrinkle mask
Material: fresh milk, a tablespoon of oil, camellia oil, a spoonful of flour
Production method: fresh milk, a tablespoon, add 4~5 drops of oil camellia oil and flour, and mix thoroughly after apply is on the face, with the convergence effect, long-term use on the skin to eliminate facial wrinkles, increase skin vitality and elasticity, make the skin fresh lubrication.
4, moisturizing mask
Material: banana, one tablespoon of oil camellia oil
Production method: Banana pressed into sludge, in the extrusion process of adding an appropriate amount of oil camellia oil, stir well after a banana mask, attaining a two times a week, can make the skin smooth and delicate.
5, anti-aging facial mask
Materials: oil camellia oil, 3 drops of rose essential oil 10ml
Production method: oil camellia oil and rose essential oil blend, with the mask of paper oil removing direct Fuyu face, 3 times a week, can whitening, anti-aging.
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Camellia Seeds Base Oil / Carrier Oil AKARZ Natural 10ML 30ML 100ML
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