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The main effect of peppermint oil -
The main effect:
Qingyanrunhou, eliminate bad breath has good effect, and has unique curative effect to relieve physical and mental.
[effect] when the body it has the dual effect, hot cool, cold or warm body, excellent effect so it cold treatment, the respiratory tract symptoms is very good, has certain curative effect on cough, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis. On the digestive tract disease is also very helpful, to eliminate flatulence, relieve stomach pain and heartburn; in addition, it can relieve pain, also is effective for migraine, can help reduce fever.
[effect] psychological peppermint property can pacify anger, hysteria and fear, can make the mental boost, give heart free stretch of space.
[] beauty can adjust the unclean, obstruction of the skin, the cool feeling, can shrink capillaries, relieve itching, inflammation and burns, can soften the skin, to remove blackheads and oily skin are also very effective.
[other] efficacy can be menthol in daily sponge, dissolve the smell or smell of fish, such as car, room, refrigerator, not only sweet, can repel mosquitoes.
[skin] microvascular contraction, eliminate toxins, improve eczema, ringworm, itching, inflammation and burns, soft skin, eliminate blackheads, beneficial to oily hair and skin.
[] is the best physiological effect of mint essential oil treatment cold, can inhibit the inflammation of mucosa and have a fever, and promote perspiration; Qingyanrunhou, eliminate bad breath has very good effect;
Cool the effect of analgesia, relieving headache, migraine and toothache; in addition to the respiratory system, digestive system, endocrine system, have a very good role.
Peppermint - magic formula
Skin problems:
Massage, soft skin, eliminate blackheads, beneficial to oily hair and skin, improve eczema: Jojoba oil 10 ml + grape seed oil 10 ml + Mint + 2 drops Lavender 2 drops + 1 drops of chamomile
Respiratory tract infection:
Fumigation treatment of colds, fever, anti-inflammatory and mucosa, and promote perspiration: Mint 1 drops + Eucalyptus 2 drops + 1 drops of pine
Cool pain:
Incense can relieve headache, migraine and toothache: 3 drops of Lavender Mint + 3 drops + 2 drops of chamomile
Women care:
Bath, treatment of dysmenorrhea, prolactin: Mint 3 drops + Geranium 3 drops + 3 drops of marjoram
Peppermint oil - Method of use
1 if the mint uses quite sensitive users, do not use in the evening before going to sleep, so hard to sleep. - wide incense use should be smaller, a mint amount shall not exceed the total amount of 1/4. (which is required by other 3/4 oil mix)
Formula principle 2 skin massage also.
3 unless a specific purpose, not suitable for use as a Peppermint Bath, but very suitable for shampoo and wash (need to match with other essential oils) at the same time we must avoid the eyes near and near the body mucosa.
4 oil massage - to promote The new supersedes the old.
3 - 5 drops of peppermint oil to massage bottom, local massage body (Note: the peppermint oil has high cooling effect, not in the winter for massage or easy to catch a cold). Can relieve muscle fatigue, relieve pain, eliminate stomach discomfort.
5 fumigation and steaming stove
The water container is 5 - 8 drops of peppermint oil on the incense burner, lit incense burner, peppermint oil is quickly emitted into the air, can improve the treatment of colds, headache, relieve congestion. (Note: due to the high volatile oil of peppermint essential oil, the furnace will soon evaporate, the need to re add oil to keep the oil in the air content, ensure the treatment effect).
6 essential oils for cold fever, headache, migraine
5 - 8 drops of peppermint oil on a basin of cold water (add ice better), put a towel. The towel wrung water stir with a towel, wet forehead and hands, can help relieve headaches and fever.
7 oil suction for carsickness, seasickness, headache, dizzy
5 - 8 drops of peppermint oil drops in a piece of cotton or handkerchief, placed in the nose, inhalation of essential oils, can improve the motion sickness, if serious can be directly put a little oil smear on the nose or temple, can wake coma.
Scented bath
Recipe: peppermint oil, orange essential oil, 2 drops, 3 drops of lavender essential oil, rosewood essential oil, lemon essential oil 4 drops each.
Usage: put a cylinder temperature of hot water, mixed 3-4 drops of oil to water, stir well after soaking.
Relieve itching
Has a cool and calming effect, can relieve itching, microvascular contraction to reduce inflammation sensitive!
Formula: 10ml grape seed oil, jojoba oil, peppermint oil 10ml, 2 drops, 2 drops of lavender essential oil, Chamomile Essential Oil 1 drops.
Usage: Apply evenly into a massage oil mixed oil and jojoba oil, then massage discomfort.
Drunk, I feel, let you not awake, incense can keep you awake, also can be adjusted, to appease the anger, hysteria and state of fear!
Recipe: peppermint oil 3 drops, 2 drops of lemon essential oil, Cypress oil 2 drops.
Usage: in a dish incense lamp filled with water, candles, essential oils can be added.
Relieve leg fatigue
Recipe: German Chamomile 2 drops of peppermint oil, 2 drops, 2 drops of lavender essential oil, 1 drops of ginger essential oil, sweet almond oil 20ml.
Usage: will wash the leg, essential oil and sweet almond oil mix, massage in the legs can be.
A cold stuffy nose
Recipe: Peppermint Oil 1 drops, 2 drops of essential oil Ugali, 2 drops of essential oils of juniper berry.
Usage: essential oil into the hot water, eyes closed, can be steam inhalation.



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Peppermint Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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