Vetiver Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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aromatic odor
With a strong flavor of lemon and a unique spicy flavor, it is exciting to get the nerve.
Skin effect
Apply to skin: oily skin, normal skin;
For oily skin and acne skin is very effective, can be bactericidal anti-inflammatory, promote wound healing, acne can be treated;
Promote the body cell regeneration and healing, used for stretch marks, hemorrhoids, etc..
Psychological effect
Famous calm oil, balance of central nervous system, sedative effect good, let people refreshing, improve the pressure, anxiety, insomnia and anxiety disorders.
Other curative effect
Vetiver essential oil can be used steam distillation to extract roots obtained, vetiver roots more old, extracted oil is better, the smell also grew best. Vetiver has antibacterial effect, can purify skin, convergence, anti infection; unclean oily skin conditioning; anti-inflammatory sterilization, treatment acne; treatment of beriberi and a variety of inflammation of the skin, activate cells, improve the damaged skin; mosquito catch flies and antipruritic antibacterial.
Collocation oil
Clary sage, Ding Xiangzi, jasmine, lavender, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, Yilan
Application history
To "calm the essential oil," the title is known, obviously it's the role of comfort is indeed outstanding. In Calcutta, the people and the awning awning with blue rock straw they called "Cousteau Kunth" (Kus-Kus). In hot weather, "Marcus Kunth" is sprinkling water, will send out a delicate fragrance. Muslims in India put the vetiver ground into a powder, put in the sachet in pest moth. Java people with Vetiver mat making, do a thatched roof, for hundreds of years of history. Tahiti is part of Aboriginal preference for vetiver grass, to build the roof.
There is a well-known far and near the European perfume called "Indian Islam", which the ingredients contain vetiver, sandalwood, benzoin, thyme and rose. In fact, vetiver was often used as a fixative in perfume.
Before the first World War, the Java export a lot of dry Vetiver roots to Europe, for the distillation of essential oils, but due to the congestion of the route, Java began in the local self distillation Vetiver roots, the local people call it "aka. Wang Qi" Akarwangi.
Magic formula
1, acne skin: direct smear in acne patient.
Vetiver essential oil + 2 drops of grape seed oil 1 ml
2, the treatment of beriberi: soak the feet, if the water by adding proper foot massage aromatherapy bath salts better.
Vetiver essential oil 5-10 drops, drops in a basin of warm water
3, coarse pores oily skin: wash your face sooner or later, according to the application of the face, can purify the skin.
Vetiver essential oil 1 drops of water on
4, acne skin: wipe
Aloe vera gel 50 ml + 3 drops of vetiver + rose 2 drops + 3 drops of cypress
5, bath: make people refreshed, enhance immunity, compression effect is good; strengthen the function of red blood cells, blood.
Vetiver + 2 drops rosemary + 3 drops 3 drops of orange Huiqing
6, calm mood: incense, to stress, anxiety, insomnia and anxiety effect is good.
Vetiver + 3 drops rosewood + 3 drops 2 drops of marjoram
Physiological effect
Enhance immune capacity, reduce the incidence of opportunities;
Strengthen red blood cells, the efficacy of blood circulation, can be treated arthritis, rheumatism and muscle pain;
Help improve sex.
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Vetiver Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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