Turmeric Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML,100ML )

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Product Name: Turmeric essential oil

English Name: Turmeric

Scientific name: Zingiber officinale

Extracts of roots: distillation

Origin: Chinese

Quality: 100% Pure Essential Oil (100% pure plant oil)

The aromatic smell 

Warm smell of sweet spices

[main ingredients]

Borneol, citral, eucalyptol, Jiang Xi, Jiang Su, Jiang Tongdeng.


Aphrodisiac, flatulence, phlegm, fever, laxative, make the body warm, incentive, stomach, promote sweating, the body.

Skin effect 

Helps to dissipate blood stasis, injuries; conditioning oily skin, pale skin also has the effect of. Not suitable for use in facial skin care, shampoo in the shampoo adjustable, can go to the head, headache.

Physiological effect 

* *, in the treatment of impotence is very valuable, but also can be used for postpartum nursing, in order to eliminate stored blood clot;

Help the body sweating, the body get rid of the moisture, improve cold fever caused by physical discomfort, irregular menstruation of women and to help yi;

The pain can relieve arthritis, rheumatism, sprains, muscle spasms, convulsions and other symptoms. Can promote bone regeneration. Migraine also have soothing effect.

Conducive to the blood circulation, can relieve angina and improve blood cholesterol and varicose veins.


Downhearted, can let the mood becomes warm; sensibility, enhance memory, mood; mental and physical exhaustion, it is used to lift, enrich your heart.

with essential oils

Laurel, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, frankincense, orange, lemon, Ugali, geranium, rosemary, mint, black pepper, lime.

The magic formula 

The 1 body bath:

Turmeric essential oil 5-8 drops, in the winter of bubble bath, promote blood circulation, the body heat, cold disease treatment, the male is more an aphrodisiac.

2 hand soaking feet:

Turmeric essential oil 3-5 drops in the warm water, soak hands feet, can be treated with cold hands and feet.

3, women care: massage, regulate menstruation, an economic, postpartum nursing.

Sweet almond oil 10 ml + evening primrose oil 10 ml + Turmeric 5 drops + Geranium 3 drops 3 drops + gin

4, assist digestive discomfort in the stomach: massage can promote the secretion of gastric juice, loss of appetite, indigestion and effective.

Sweet almond oil 10 ml + Turmeric 3 drops + pepper + 1 drops 2 drops of fennel

5, respiratory tract infection: fumigation, influenza, promote sweating, relieve sore throat and tonsil inflammation.

Turmeric 1 drops + 3 drops 2 drops + Eucalyptus cedar

6, joint and muscle massage: relieve arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, cramps and muscle pain.

Sweet almond oil 16 ml and 4 ml of wheat germ oil and Turmeric 5 drops + chamomile 3 drops 3 drops + gin


Sensitive skin use less as far as possible, so as not to cause allergies.

The body warm, aphrodisiac, bloating, phlegm, fever



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Turmeric Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML,100ML )
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