Tulip Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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Tulip oil is pure natural plant oils, mainly has the following features: fragrant, natural aroma into the brain via the olfactory nerve, the anterior lobe can stimulate the brain secrete endorphin eliminated enkephalin and eliminating the two kinds of hormones, so that the spirit of the most comfortable state, this is the best remedy to guard the soul; anti-inflammatory sterilization, anti infectious disease, anti inflammation, anti spasm, promote cell regeneration and The new supersedes the old., make life better; can regulate endocrine organs, promote hormone secretion, aphrodisiac, body, let the body's physical and mental activity for good development; can be applied to a variety of skin tight, play soothing properties, nourishing the skin, anti-aging
Tulip oil has antibacterial, anti spasm, sterilization, purification, aphrodisiac, sedative, tonic and other effects. Suitable for all skin types are mature dry or sensitive, any sensitive swelling and inflammation of the skin. A tulip has a strong and contraction of capillary effect is excellent for aging skin rejuvenation effect.
Soothe emotions, depression, sadness, jealousy and hatred, boost mood, relieve nervous tension and stress, can make a woman to have positive feelings of self. Tulip oils for the king of natural plant essential oil, widely used in beauty, body, food, tobacco and perfumes and cosmetics flavouring agent.
Tulip oil can prevent infectious diseases, the treatment of skin, regulate endocrine, promote the physical and psychological activities of the human body. Its natural fragrance olfactory nerve enters the human body through, the people spiritual comfort, pleasure, pleasant, relieve anxiety, depression, stress, help sleep, promote metabolism, cell regeneration and blood circulation, make the human body healthy, beautiful, life is more beautiful.
1, decomposition of pigment, to accelerate the balance of nutrients and water, strengthen the discharge of toxins, so as to achieve the overall regulation of the skin and the environment and control, to become a new generation of body help type of skin care products;
2, tulip oils for used for skin care, has anti-aging, wrinkle and moisturizing effect, applicable to all kinds of skin has a good curative effect.
3, in the hot water of foot of trickle down a few drops of essential oil tulip, can achieve the purpose of invigorate the circulation of Blood Meridian, but also to achieve the removal of dermatophytosis, foot odour.
Health efficacy
Uterine tonic, clean, conditioning the uterus, stabilization of the PMS, regulating female endocrine and menstrual cycle, improve frigid, menopausal symptoms. Can improve the nausea, constipation, vomiting and headache.
Emotional effect
Stabilization and decompression, sleep, comfort, warm, romantic, aphrodisiac, increase self-confidence popularity, Xie angry sad, can make a woman of self generated positive feelings.
Psychological effect
Can calm the mood, especially depressed, sad, envy and hate. Boost mood, relieve nervous tension and stress. It is clearly a very feminine essential oil, can make a woman to have positive feelings of self.
Maintenance efficacy
Tulip oil is a typical representative of the essential oil. Adjust female endocrine, nourish the uterus, alleviate dysmenorrhea, improve frigidity and menopausal symptoms. Especially with good cosmetic effect, can raise within the weakened spots, promote the decomposition of melanin, improve dry skin, restore skin elasticity, so that women have white, full of elasticity of the skin health is most suitable for female health care aromatherapy essential oils.
Physiological effect
1 tulip is a good uterine tonic, can be stabilized by the symptoms of pre tension, promote vaginal secretion, regulate menstruation cycle. For infertility, frigidity and impotence very helpful.
2 activate the stagnant blood circulation, reduce the phenomenon of cardiac congestion, strengthen the microvascular. When you are feeling down, you can balance and strengthen your stomach. The function of antimicrobial and laxative, to cleanse the digestive tract, but also improve nausea, vomiting and constipation.
3. Relieve menstrual pain: tulips and Geranium essential oils 4 drops, drop in a pot of hot water, wet towels, hot packs in the lower abdomen and a half an hour, for the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea.
4. Tulip essential oil 2 drops + Geranium Essential Oil 2 drops + 5 ml of base oil, in a clockwise direction gently massage the lower abdomen, the lifting of dysmenorrhea.
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Tulip Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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