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Why does the president spot?
The reason that glial cells stain the formation of melanin melanin can not digest
The stain and pigmentation, because outside ultraviolet irradiation, endocrine disorders and other factors that stimulate the metabolism of melanocytes is out of balance, produced a lot of maturity and a large black melanin pigment. But because the body is unable to digest the keratinocyte melanin melanin and melanin, will accumulate in the skin surface, resulting in excessive thickness uneven light spots.
Tranexamic acid is a protease inhibitor, can be directly involved in the synthesis of collagen into dermis after penetration, can cut off due to ultraviolet radiation and produce melanin, dissolve spots of cellular and molecular efficient whitening, prevent skin irritation, excellent antioxidant effect, prevent skin aging, moisturizing factor, relieve dry skin condition
Ingredients: m-tranexamic acid solution
Product efficacy: tranexamic acid is a protease inhibitor synthesis after entry into the dermis directly involved in collagen, can be completely cut off due to ultraviolet radiation caused by melanin pathway, dissolved cell molecular efficient whitening spots.
Product effects: reduce UV induced skin color deepened, reduce the activity of the enzyme, reduce the activity of the enzyme, reduce the formation of pigment. At the same time to add vitamin C and chamomile, m-tranexamic acid enhance skin whitening synergistic effect, refreshing and transparent texture, instantly absorbed by the skin after use, while the use of vitamin E and vitamin B5 to strengthen moisturizing effect, make skin healthy white flawless.
Applicable to skin: problem skin, spots, skin color is black skin.
Method of use: take 1-2 drops of liquid on after cleansing and toning, cream, apply to the face evenly, key parts can be strengthened, with the pulp gently massage until completely absorbed and then follow-up maintenance.



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AKARZ natural Tranexamic acid solution serum extract essence face serum fade melanin face skin care products
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