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Name: Thyme Thyme
Thymus vulgaris Tbymus vulgaris
Name: Labiatae Labiatae
Summary: originating in the north shore of the Mediterranean wild thyme, spread to Europe after there are more than 300, while the thyme oil from the same species and extraction but because of the different growth. Roughly divided into 3 kinds, thymol thyme thymol meaning mainly, is the 1 most common; most of the linalool containing linalool thyme, most mild; alcohol based alcohol in Platycladus orientalis arborvitae thyme, highest antiviral efficacy.
It is about 30 cm high, dark green leaves into a spiral, can emit strong fragrance, will open the white or purple blue flowers. From the thyme name, you can understand this plant scent to win, some will send lemon, orange and fennel; some will emit deep fragrance, suitable for planting in the garden; and the taste of the most concentrated is growth in Spain. Love it is warm and humid place, although Iceland can also see traces of thyme, but not in North Africa, Spain and other Mediterranean plant fragrance.
Thyme will have some changes in the distillation process, so some countries in metal containers distilled thyme, process will be oxidized, so some essential oils will become red; but modern distillation plant will purify once in the sale, the color will become yellowish color, so people can see the thyme linalol the color is pale yellow essential oil.
Essential oil archives
Extraction: distillation leaves and flowers
Characteristics: light yellow, with a strong stimulating smell
Volatile: medium plate
Main ingredients: thymol, linalool, phenol, borneol, fragrance Jing Ji, linalool firpene, Ding Xiangting
Attribute: Yang
Main origin: France, Spain, Bei Fei
Power energy:
1, circulatory system: anti infection, stimulate the proliferation of white blood cells and blood circulation, blood pressure, restore vitality, enhance brain function.
2, the digestive system: antibacterial, suitable for the digestive system, to help digestion, the treatment of bacterial diarrhea, abdominal pain, diarrhea.
3, urinary system: antibacterial function to urethritis and cystitis.
4, the reproductive system: to reduce the menstrual cycle is not adapted to the disease, the menstruation is too small, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, etc..
5, skin: acne treatment, is also effective against dandruff or itchy scalp.
6, mood: has the function of strengthening the smell can take heart, eliminate fatigue, resistance to defeat.
Use: please use the base oil to dilute the use, or under the guidance of the use of aromatic.
Note: high blood pressure, pregnancy disable, do not use for a long time, so as to avoid poisoning
Historical sources
Humans know how long thyme in the kitchen, so it is in addition to medicinal herbs, or a spice plants. Its name is English Greek Thumos, meaning it has fragrance, visible light aroma characteristics, since ancient times is.
About 3000 years ago in Mesopotamia people began to use it, the ancient Egyptians when it is antiseptic, the ancient Greeks used it into the dish, the father of medicine prescriptions in 400 kinds of Hippocrates, a thyme is one, he suggested that people in the meal after drinking it, that is why it helps the digestive function.
The legend is the most famous battle before wearing thyme can inspire courage, and handed down to Rome military shawls embroidered with Thyme patterns; it was also to drive the poisonous snake venom solution is known.
The medieval plague spread all over Europe, the Europeans were also used to treat disease, leprosy, and later Europeans are accustomed to in the court, the court of public places such as spraying of thyme.
After eighteenth Century, people understand it more, incentive, stomach, strengthens the nervous system the features of it, are recorded in the one one medical books. The two World War in the beginning of twentieth Century, the European hospitals all take it as a disinfectant.
Essential oil
Chamomile, bergamot, cedar, Du Songzi, lavender, lemon, orange, niaouli, Ma Dingxiang, rosemary
Note: pregnant women disable; belong to the strong oil, do not use for a long time, so as to avoid poisoning.
Main effect editing
Very strong essential oil, one of the strongest antibacterial agents. The feet of the hot water with a few drops of thyme oil, can achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation to remove meridian, foot odor effect can be reached.
The improvement of the digestive system and gynecological diseases, promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, alleviate neuropathic pain, antibacterial.
The help of wound healing, the treatment of eczema and acne skin. Activation of brain cells, enhance memory and attention, anti frustration and soothe the trauma.
3 is very effective for dandruff and inhibit hair loss. Antibacterial, anti spasm, anti insect venom, sterilization, and promoting physical scarring. Strengthen neural prevention as a nightmare.
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Thyme Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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