Rosewood Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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With a spicy woody flavor (Brazil's tree species) and a relatively strong fragrance of the flowers (tree species in Guyana)
Plant description
Very few species, found only in Africa, South America tropical rain, so very precious, about 40 meters tall evergreen trees, yellow flowers. Since the 1930s, only French Guiana in natural forest can extract rosewood essential oil, protection of the world who calls do not use rosewood essential oil, so as not to damage the ecological balance of the rainforest. 30 in the Brazilian rain forest area began to plan of planting rosewood, but according to the degree of difficulty of the growing season, logging, rosewood essential oil, or a not easy to take aromatic oils.
Because he has both wood flavor and fragrance of flowers, is a kind of very good perfume. Brazil wood species partial taste, Guyana species are relatively strong fragrance.
Pain, anti - depression, antibacterial, aphrodisiac, sterilization, brain, deodorant, insecticide, motivation, supplement, sleep, pain relieving cough, had strong immune, insecticide, fungicide, anti wrinkle and moisturizing.
Spiritual efficacy
Stability of the central nervous system, a comprehensive balance effect, can help depression, extreme fatigue and worry about the psychological state of the Chong Zhong, make people excited and energized.
Sleeping, aphrodisiac, balance, exciting, refreshing, nervous balance, stabilization and convergence and stable characteristics, so for positive agitation, too excited and negative (depression, low tide) excited has the role of convergence of the normalized. To eliminate fatigue, fatigue, cramps, relieve headaches, travel discomfort. Eliminate apathetic, impotence.
Physical effect
Is the best prescription for some chronic diseases, especially in the state of low immune system defense, can provide excellent resistance to the body. Resistance to microorganisms and viruses are quite effective. Is the throat of antibacterial agent extremely valuable, can relieve the symptoms of itchy throat cough.
Aphrodisiac is famous, in the restoration of sexuality, is very effective for impotence, wonderful, sense of metallurgical problems, also helpful. For those who have suffered sexual abuse, rosewood warm soothing effect, make them apathetic attitude and renewed, the effect is very mysterious.
The characteristics of the brain can alleviate the headache, especially with nausea feeling headache, can relieve symptoms of jet lag.
Has a good deodorant effect, to help the body regulate excessive humidity and high temperature. Good effect in the aspects of insect.
Skin effect
Effectively stimulate the cells to regenerate tissue so that it is useful for the wound. To improve the dry inflamed skin is very sensitive, reputation, even anti wrinkle and aging. Even a good moisturizing skin, can also benefits from the characteristics of rosewood, warm in the balance.
Blend of essential oils
Cedar, coriander, frankincense, geranium, palmarosa, patchouli, bitter orange leaf, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, vetiver, horse lilac, vetiver, Xia Migan, honey, bitter orange, perfume tree, Europe mint.
Magic formula
Enhance immunity
On weekdays to develop the use of essential oils to regulate health, can effectively improve the immunity, reduce the chance of invasion of bacteria
Recipe: Rosewood 3 drops + juniper + 3 drops 1 drops of frankincense + Almond Oil 10 ml
Usage: to reconcile the above essential oils, massage with both sides of the spine can be
Formula Two: Rosewood + 2 drops 2 drops + 2 drops of lavender basil
Usage: the essential oils used in aromatherapy lamp, low immunity
Anti-aging cream
Aging is the most reluctant to see each of the women, wrinkles is more to go, the use of essential oils, cream, will be better than the general maintenance of products.
Recipe: rosewood essential oil + 4 drops 3 drops + 3 drops of sandalwood incense
Let the oil and cream mixed, in accordance with the general nutrition program can be
Formula Two: Rosewood sandalwood + 2 drops + 2 drops of rose 2 drops of jojoba oil = 10 ml
Usage: massage on the face, with a soothing, anti-aging, good effect of Cosmetology
Forest Bath
Spraying furniture rosewood, repeatedly in the forest generally relaxed, and the effect of anti-virus eliminate bacteria
Formula: Rosewood + 4 drops rosemary + 3 drops 3 drops of cedar (no) +15 ml +5 ml water alcohol
Usage: let the mixture of the above materials, spraying in the air can be
Increase sexual desire
If you find yourself in the recent cold, you can try to soak an essential oil bath
Recipe: Rosewood + 3 drops of rose essential oil + 3 drops of Geranium 2 drops + emulsion 2 ml
Usage: first into the tub 4 out of 10 points of water, with good oil drip 15-25 drops in + add bathtub, stir in adding 10 points of water can be
Be careful
Do not apply to the skin without the diluted oil.
Preservation method: avoid light to avoid high temperature, 30 degrees below save
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Rosewood Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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