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main effects
Skin care efficacy
March and April are the seasons when the orange blossom is in full bloom, and this time is the best time to extract the essential oil of the orange blossom. Said to 100 kg of orange flowers, 80 Calder orange blossom essential oil can only extract, infiltration capacity is 70 times the ordinary skin care ingredients can penetrate into the skin basal layer, decomposition of melanin in the skin, skin from the inside purification, increasingly Pegasus white glow pink embellish white luster.
Neroli Essential oil is rich in a variety of whitening active ingredients, under the guide of aromatic factor of Shu, skin has formed melanin layers are derived, and with the aging of the skin metabolism and exclusion, melanin not during the deposition, the skin gradually white also can exclude the skin within an aggregation of turbidity and due to pollution of harmful substances, the skin has zero burden, zero stress state.
Neroli Essential Oil for maximum effect is on the skin, enhance cell viability, help cell regeneration, increase skin elasticity; whitening, moisturizing, blemish, nourishing anti wrinkle, restore delicate, suitable for dry, sensitive and other skin problems, especially spiral varicose veins, scars and stretch marks; when X-rayed and can also be used to protect the skin.
Physiological effect
With a calm the nervous function and benefits of treatment of insomnia, improve nerve pain, headache and dizziness, improve gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea, improve varicose veins, eliminates the striae gravidarum, relieve muscles, relax the muscles.
Neroli is effective aphrodisiac, and contributed to the, also can improve depressed mood, such as the symptoms of PMS and menopause psychological problems.
Psychological effect
Hypnosis, make people happy, to appease the mood caused by endocrine disorders, improve sleep, overcome depression and anxiety, improve menopausal irritability.
Orange blossom has an amazing calming effect on the mind.
Classification of essential oils
Neroli oil as early as in the European area, often some aristocratic nobility brought smear on the hair slightly, group swing as the use of perfume, so they walk along a road to come the aroma filled the air, adding more elegant style, so always is regarded as noble aroma.
Market of orange flower essential oil according to variety constituents smell different, orange flower and bitter orange flowers, orange flowers inside the most precious is "d-limonene", and bitter orange flowers contain a orange flower high, the price is also more expensive; the smell of orange sweet full-bodied, strong stamina, feeling will let people quicker without pressure; bitter orange flowers smell slowly deep, with sweetness and full of potential, the smell will let a person feel gentle relaxation. Although the smell is slightly different, but all of them belong to the derivative flavor of the orange series, the heart rate and blood pressure rise due to the inhibition of sympathetic transition, can regulate the autonomic nervous system.
Neroli is belongs to the stabilization and balance of the essential oils, can eliminate nervous tension, irritability, and release the pressure, the smell can let a person feel relax enough to provide soothing mood and physiological, also can bring the effect of Shumian.
matters needing attention
Usually said citrus, peel essential oil and Umbelliferae essential oils with the photosensitivity, such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot essential oil etc., but the orange flower essential oil except, why? How do we understand the effect of the light on the light?
If used contains furanocoumarins essential oils to the sun and furanocoumarins will photonic storage, then release, "confused" skin that exposure to sunlight, skin will be more melanin aggregation (melanin aggregation can be reflected in the ultraviolet, avoid the skin being damaged), so that the skin will easier to black.
But the heat will be volatile, although the orange flower is also a citrus essential oil, but because the extraction method is distilled, so do not have the photosensitive. The citrus peel essential oil because there is no heating process, so the essential oils to retain the essence of the.
However, the photosensitivity of essential oils have the three conditions will damage caused by: long-term use containing furocoumarin oil + A + with sun, said it was not with photosensitivity of essential oil during the day can not use. Actually, the normal sunscreen can offset the photosensitive. Usually, the absorption effect of the skin at night is 2 times during the day, so it is generally recommended to use at night.
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Neroli Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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