Myrtle Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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Introduction of essential oil
Essential oils for harmony and: bergamot, cardamom, coriander, dill, lavender, lemon, lemon grass, rosewood, rosemary, mint green, thyme, tea.
Fragrance: fresh, slightly sweet smell, smell a smell, a bit like camphor and eucalyptus.
Skin effect: it is a good helper for the treatment of Oily Acne, acne and acne can be treated as well as acne scars left behind; strong bactericidal effect, can improve the psoriasis, coarse pores, silt, oily skin.
The physiological effect of purification of respiratory tract, mild irritation; also uterine tonic, can reduce leucorrhea.
Psychological effects: calm and excited mood, so that people calm and. Efficacy: antibacterial, convergence, sterilization, dispel phlegm, flatulence, kill parasites.
Application history and myth
The Egyptians used Myrtle to relieve convulsion of the face. The Romans believed that it is in the treatment of respiratory and urinary problems as the panacea, the Greeks of the sentimental view it for love and a symbol of immortality. It's always very loud reputation as an aphrodisiac, is often used to modulate the love of wine.
There is a story in Greek mythology, Theseus's wife Fadla mentioned in the peach tree under love hippolytus. It is one of the ingredients of perfume and spices. In the Olympic competition, the winners are often called myrtle leaves into the head ring.
It in the Bible often and peace appear together, such as "in Nehemiah," Chapter 8 section 15 and Zechariah Chapter 1 of 8 and 11 day. Is often used for the bride's bouquet and headdress, after drying can also be made of baby powder. In the 16th century, myrtle is considered to be against skin cancer medicine; it is also an angel water "(a kind of make-up water) component of
Physical effect
There are significant purification effect, of pulmonary abnormalities is very useful, especially at night when accompanied by night sweats symptoms, it can also bring safe sleep. The evening for myrtle, its function is similar with Ugali, but unlike Ugali with the nature of the stimulus. Myrtle and Ugali can resist moisture, improve bronchial mucosal inflammation and sinusitis, inhibition of infection is quite effective.
Can regulate the reproductive and urinary system, reduce the problems of hemorrhoids, diarrhea and dysentery. In addition, it can improve the antibacterial properties of cystitis and urethritis.
Can reduce leucorrhea, relieve pain and pelvic congestion, uterine tonic is excellent.
Expulsion of the in vitro parasite effect is good.
Skin effect
Efficacy on skin: it has the characteristics of antibacterial and convergence, purifying obstruction of the skin and eliminate acne and unclean projections, can also disperse congestion, and improve psoriasis crumbs of appearance.
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Myrtle Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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