Myrrh Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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main effects
Treatment of wounds, skin inflammation effect is very good, for bronchitis, cough, bacterial and fungal infections are helpful.
Skin effect
Sterilization, disinfection and very powerful force, but also can inhibit the inflammation of the skin, so the opposite has the efficacy of blister eczema. In the feet or the hot water drip a few drops of essential oil of myrrh, can achieve the purpose of invigorate the circulation of Blood Meridian, but also to achieve the beriberi foot odor removal.
Physiological effect
Shujinhuoxue, removing blood stasis and relieving pain, muscle function;
With anti fungal function, to improve the cause of Candida vaginitis;
Also has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory efficacy of treatment, treatment of myrrh gum is very useful, can quickly cure ulcers in the mouth or gum problems;
Myrrh with frankincense collective effect, treatment of pleural infection, nose and throat inflammation, chronic bronchitis, colds and sore throat.
Myrrh is good lung fungicide, can treat diarrhea.
Psychological effect
To enhance the vitality of the brain, to restore the physical and mental vitality, clear headed.
Collocation oil
Benzoin, clove, frankincense, Bai Songxiang, lavender, patchouli, sandalwood
magic formula for revelation
1, improve skin: smear, antifungal function, restrain skin inflammation, opposite blister eczema beans efficacy, nourishing dry skin, wrinkles.
Emulsion 50 ml + + 4 drops 4 drops of frankincense and myrrh + 2 drops of lavender
2, women care: bath, improve vaginal infection, the treatment of vaginitis.
Myrrh 2 drops + Geranium + 3 drops 3 drops of chamomile
3, respiratory tract infection:
Myrrh + 1 drops Eucalyptus + 2 drops 2 drops of thyme
matters needing attention
1, generally can not be taken orally unless annotation can oral or medical division instructions, pregnancy in the early months of avoiding the use of photosensitive class (bergamot, lemon, orange essential oil use after 8 hours do not bask in the sun.
2, high blood pressure, paralysis, nerve, kidney disease in strict accordance with the instructions of the use of medical.
3, according to the amount of use, especially in Yilan, sage may cause excessive drowsiness, avoid the use of drunk driving. Must be diluted before use, unless there is a special label.
4, sealed stored in dark glass bottles, to avoid the sun, to avoid contact with children. Can not be used for children, to be strictly in accordance with the instructions of the use of medical.
5, skin and sensitive, sensitive to do first test, do not mix different brands.
6, hemagogue, avoid use during pregnancy.
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Myrrh Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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