Marjoram Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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Aromatic odor
Intense, pungent and somewhat pungent.
main effects
Regulating menstrual cycle, reduce the pain, inhibit the role of sexual desire is very famous.
Physiological effect
Especially effective for muscle pain, regulate menstruation cycle, but also to inhibit the role of sexual desire.
Improve varicose vein, promote blood circulation, reduce blood pressure.
The feet of the hot water with a few drops of essential oil can reach Ma Yulan, Blood Meridian, foot odor removal effect of beriberi.
Whitening, pores, acne to good effect, improve overall skin;
Apply to oily skin, treatment of acne, conditioning greasy dirty skin, dilute the old spot.
Psychological effect
Relieve anxiety and stress, strengthen the heart, warm mood.
Collocation oil
Chamomile, bergamot, cedar, cypress, orange, orange, nutmeg, rosemary, rosewood, lavender, Yilan
magic formula for revelation
1, women care: hot compress, treatment of dysmenorrhea, uterine spasm.
Ma Yulan + 4 drops Clary + 2 drops 2 drops of sandalwood
2, muscle massage: improve muscle pain, joint pain.
Sweet almond oil 10 ml + grape seed oil 10 ml + 4 drops rosemary marjoram + 4 drops 2 drops of lemon grass
3, improve the headache: aromatherapy.
Ma Yulan + 4 drops Lavender 4 drops + 2 drops of Yilan
4, assist digestion: good Ji jianwei.
Sweet almond oil 20 ml + marjoram + 4 drops + 4 drops 2 drops of fennel gin
Prolonged use may result in mental retardation and avoid use during pregnancy;
Patients with asthma, low blood pressure, and depression were carefully used.
Suitable place
Bedroom: excellent neural comfort and stabilization function, suitable for in the bedroom before going to bed, sweep away all day hard work and pressure, sleep easy, if not to meet the marjoram unique taste, it is proposed that you can and combined with the use of other essential oils, such as lavender, you will find harmonic marjoram taste quite easy with other smells, and even more unique atmosphere!
Office: if you wish to relieve the tension in the office, but don't want to using too soft and sweet taste in order to avoid loss of combat acumen, marjoram will is good atmosphere and magician, if can and rosemary or is Eucalyptus collocation, greater effect, especially Gary can provide positive and optimistic atmosphere, while Rosemary is stable cautious mood, mood and atmosphere of working in a team, see how you adjust!
Pure essential oils
Use a handkerchief or incense device can clean the nasal bucket and relieve headache.
On Ma Yulan massage oil can effectively eliminate blood stasis, and intense muscle pain after exercise.
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Marjoram Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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