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Using method
Directly coated surface of the skin, or with sterile gauze soaked Fuyu wound dressing, 1 times every 2 days, infected people remove secretions. External coating surface of the skin 1 times a day.
clinical application
1, chronic ulcers occur in the limbs and blood circulation is poor, is one of the common diseases of surgery, whether acute or chronic ulcers are not easy to heal. Such as case 1, female, 40 years old, the left lower extremity 1 x 1.5cm size of ulcer 5 months, the edge is not neat, wound granulation fresh, dark purple around the skin, mild swelling. Local debridement disinfection, apply to Lithospermum oil gauze, sterile gauze bandage, 1 times / day treatment, 1 weeks of healing.
2, diaper dermatitis is contact dermatitis a dermatitis, skin red such as Dan, shape, such as clouds, walk not for clinical features for common pediatric disease. Such as case 2, male, 6 months, 4 days of hip rash treatment. Two inner thighs spread into a piece of cluster, red light, tearing pain, using Arnebia Root oil, not less than 4 times / day, 3 days to alleviate the symptoms, 7 days the rash disappeared completely, enjoin to strengthen nursing, to keep the skin clean and dry, to prevent recurrence.
3, nerve dermatitis: nerve dermatitis is the chronic skin lesions with the main clinical features of paroxysmal skin itching and moss. Because of their repeated attacks, is not easy to cure, therefore is called "stubborn", according to the lesion area can be divided into limitations and spread of two types, to treat limitations neurodermatitis effect is a plus. As case 3, female, 45 years old, neck after about 4 x 5 cm skin thickening in 5 years, pale black, lichenoid lesions, using Arnebia Root oil coated surface of the skin, not less than 5 times / day, 1 month later, itching began to ease, scaly disappear, skin becomes shallow, itching disappeared after 3 months, skin normal, in order to consolidate the treatment, after half a month withdrawal. All the patients were followed up after 1 year without recurrence.
4, suppurative otitis media: suppurative otitis media clinical more common, if the loss of treatment, often cause purulent ear lingering, causing deafness are not clever. As case 4, male, 45 years old to more than half of pus, intermittent right ear. Examination: perforation of the right ear of the pars tensa central, local debridement, cotton swab wipe, then the Lithospermum oil drops in the ear 2 ~ 3 drops, 3 ~ 4 times / day, 2 days of pus, 5 days swollen Xiaotong ended up 1 year without recurrence.
5, trauma and burns the need for trauma to the suture, and small area of 1 to 2 degrees burns, wound debridement, disinfection, covered with oil shikonin gauze dressing, sterile gauze bandage, the dressing was changed every other day, usually 2 to 3 times or more.
6, herpes zoster has been used Lithospermum oil coated in treating 26 cases of herpes zoster, the result is really good. The usage is herpes ulceration regardless of whether or not, all with a sterile cotton swab dipped in Lithospermum oil applied to the skin, 3-5 times a day, 7 days for 1 courses. Results after 1 courses of treatment, recovery (skin rash subsided, clinical signs disappeared, no pain sequelae) 20 cases, accounting for 76.9%; improvement (rash subsided about 80%, significantly reduced pain) 6 cases, accounting for 23.1%. The total effective rate was 100%.
Clinical application of Lithospermum oil in the treatment of this disease, its mechanism is: Lithospermum ganhan, a detoxicating, sore medicine. Modern pharmacological research has the promotion of peripheral blood circulation, promote the rapid excretion of toxins and antimicrobial effect. Sesame oil cold and cold, there are moisturizing the skin, detoxification of the role of the skin. Arnebia oil coated with the treatment of this disease, in order to promote local accelerated crusting, prevent infection The new supersedes the old..
7, some people have constipation treated by AO constipation, good effect. Usage is to be dipped in the radix Arnebiae oil tampon in the side of the nose, removed after 1 hour, another take a cotton ball dipped in Radix Arnebiae oil squeezed on the other side of the nose, daily per nostril the plug 2 times.
Constipation treatment with oral decoction, rectal administration, intranasal administration is very rare. Chinese medicine believes that the nasal pulmonary orifices, colon and lung intestine, nasal administration in the treatment of constipation in science to e.. The author in clinical use in the process of attention to, Lithospermum oil except for a handful of people caused by loose stool, stool normal generally had no effect. Patients with intractable constipation laxative is invalid in oral, nasal Arnebia oil plug can often make the stool smooth out.
Application analysis
1, clinical observation that is the major component of shikonin - acetyl shikonin and shikonin fine, Lithospermum alkalization known as convergence effect, skin damage to some secretions more effective and used in trauma and burn wound.
Lithospermum oil
Lithospermum oil
2, modern pharmacological research confirmed that shikonin has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It has inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and skin fungi. It can accelerate the growth of epithelial cells and promote wound healing.
3, from the color is like blood, cold, through the blood, cooling and activating blood circulation. "Doctors do not recorded" cloud "full of pain in the treatment of swelling, sores and surface treatment of paste, slag". Potency of "Z-" treatment of malignant sore". Sesame oil also has stasis, detumescence and alleviating pain, and with each other.
In short, clinical application of Lithospermum oil and oil shikonin gauze over the years and found no allergy, and no toxic side effect, no drug resistance and confirmed Lithospermum oil has anti-inflammatory and detoxification, acetanilide detumescence, Qufushengji, styptic effect, wound, trauma and burns is the drug of choice for the treatment of infections. Wound healing, insecticidal treatment ringworm dehumidification effect is also not to be ignored.
matters needing attention
1, don't ignore the skin wrinkles.
Summer, three months before the baby, because the body is fat, the folds of the neck, armpits, legs and arms are prone to intertrigo, but because these places are hidden in the folds of her, not easy to be found.
The prevention of course is often to bathe the baby, often check, and let these places more exposure in the air. If because the baby is really fat. Just after each bath in these places ahead of wiping shikonin oil and lubrication. If the skin has been festering, first clean, then coated with shikonin oil, generally a good night.
2, careful dyeing.
Arnebia Root oil is purple red, dye clothes and linens to be cleaned immediately, otherwise will leave some mark, affect the appearance.
3, the use of pre test.
Borage oil, careful allergy, on first use, or should a smear test.
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Lithospermum Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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