Juniper Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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Juniper Essential Oil
Circulation, diuresis, detoxification, midwifery, antibacterial, sweat, purification. Oily congestion of the skin of the helper, but also improve the scalp sebum, purify the characteristics can improve acne, pore blocking, skin inflammation, the prevalence of eczema, dry tinea.
Flowers yellow evergreen shrub, height more than 1 meter, slender leaves, such as needle, the main origin for North America, Canada, Europe, France, height of about 130 cm, the essential oil from the distillation of the blue berries, so sometimes also known as juniper BERRIES, color almost colorless, transparent, taste and pine needle like, but less so pungent.
History use record
To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, remove the unclean air, mosquito bite, Ding inflammation detumescence, diuresis and relieve edema.
Use need to know
Kidney is not good, pregnant women do not long term use.
Skin effect
For acne, skin inflammation, greasy unclean skin: a drop of pure essential oils of juniper, drop in a pot of cold water with a towel for cold, or drop in a pot of hot water with a towel hot compress, can also be the essential oils of juniper berry joined make-up water sprayed on the face, often used in the treatment of acne and skin inflammation and convergence pores, mediation oil secretion, make skin clean, white.
Magic formula
1. Add 4 drops of pure essential oils of juniper in the basis of 20ml Massage Oil 4 drops of rosemary essential oil to massage the face can slow a hangover caused by nausea and headache
2 in base oil 20ml add 4 drops of Du Song and 4 drops of orange essential oil, massage the abdomen to reduce the discomfort caused by heartburn
3. Weight: juniper essential oil + 3 drops of cypress essential oil 2 drops + 5 ml sweet almond oil massage parts of obesity, or combined with sauna bath (sauna), can have good results.
4. For inner restlessness or Involutional Depression: pure essential oils of juniper 3-5 drops for aromatherapy bath, then 5 ml of juniper essential oil + 2 drops of marjoram essential oil 1 drop + orange blossom essential oil 1 drop + sweet almond oil, head and neck and shoulder massage to relax, calm nerves, relieve depression.
Suitable place
Study: the taste of wood and coniferous forest, give a person the feeling of the real, can inspire the sincerity of the heart and positive attitude.
Work area: the same temperament is also suitable for work in the area, this is a very pragmatic smell, I believe you want to work when the company's employees!
Pure essential oils
 with 4 drops of essential oil to do hot compress to relieve the pain of leg cramps
Muscle sprain, with 4 drops of essential oil and raise the affected part of the cold Juniper Essential Oil
Bath water and add 5 drops of Du Song essential oils can relax after exercise stiff muscles
Collocation nature
Rosemary essential oil can enhance the effect of stimulation and redness of the
Citrus essential oil can enhance its sedative effect
Rose essential oil can make its smell sweet
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Juniper Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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