Holly Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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application area
1. The finite strong similar wintergreen odor and used as a spice, often as a pharmaceutical preparation medicine cavity and paint and other Fu fragrance, flavor in general, such as quercetin tree and other spices can also be used, others such as chewing gum, mouthwash, containing drugs have also been used. Methyl salicylate is also used as a solvent and intermediate for the manufacture of pesticides, fungicides, perfumes, paints, cosmetics inks and fiber AIDS, etc.. Methyl salicylate and ammonia react to generate salicylamide for production of antipyretic analgesics ethyl salicylamine salicylamide itself is also a kind of antipyretic analgesics. Methyl salicylate can be acetyl salicylic acid methyl ester (C10H10O4, [580-02-9]). The methyl salicylic acid and acetic anhydride into reaction pot, stirring and adding sulfuric acid, reaction temperature is not more than 60 DEG C, about 1 hour and reaction of Bi, reactants into the ice crystal precipitation, filtration, washing, drying, which gets its name acetyl salicylic acid methyl ester. Acetylsalicylic acid via cyclization by 4- hydroxycoumarin. Methyl salicylate is used as medicine for external use.
. often used as a pharmaceutical preparation oral medicine and paint the aromatizing agent, in flavor in general, such as terrace trees and other spices was also applied to reconcile, others such as chewing gum, mouthwash and other 11 containing drugs have also been used. Also used as solvents and pharmaceutical pesticides, fungicides and other intermediates.
3. Can be application in Acacia, tuberose, Ylang Ylang, chypre, fragrances, especially for in toothpaste, oral cleaning agent, in grape, strawberry, vanilla edible flavor is also frequently used. In the soft drinks in the amount of 59 * 10-6, dosage is 840 * 10-6 in candy, chewing gum in the amount of 8400 * 10-6.
usage and dosage
external Use when the nozzle from the affected area of skin 5-10 cm pressed pressure valves, fuel injection duration 2-3 seconds, if to be reused, interval of half a minute, but a day not more than 3 times.
Adverse reactions
Occasionally see skin irritation such as burning, or allergic reactions such as rash, itching, etc..
Infants and young children disabled.
matters needing attention
1 avoid contact with the eyes and other mucous membranes (such as mouth, nose, etc.). 2 medication parts such as burning sensation, itching, swelling and other conditions should be stopped, and the local drug wash, if necessary, consult a physician. 3 shake before use. 4 must not be used to break the skin. 5 use and store not close to open flame or flammable materials. A 6 injection time should not exceed 3 seconds, in order to avoid frostbite. 7 of the drug allergies are disabled, allergic caution. 8 changes in the quality of the product to prohibit the use of. 9 please place this product in the place where children can not reach.
pharmacological action
This product has the effect of swelling and pain.
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Holly Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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