Grapefruit Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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Grapefruit oil
Grapefruit and cool, sweet and sour, with heat, thirst quenching effect and grapefruit essential oil is by peel press and, smell, sweet and fresh, citrus fruit flavor. Grapefruit essential oil can nourish cells, increase strength, relieve bronchitis, diuresis, improve obesity, edema and lymphatic system diseases, anti infection. Grapefruit essential oil can also be anti depression, especially in winter depression or sleepy and other symptoms, can enable people to restore the spirit, is the regulator of seasonal affective disorder.
Nature of essential oil
Grapefruit has a strong ability to refreshing taste, color yellow or light ruby color, water viscosity. As with all the citrus oil, grapefruit oil should be in the purchase period spent 6 months.
Grapefruit originated in Asia, it is planted trees, early Europeans brought when the decoration, layout, courtyard, about 1750 in Latin America, Barbados islands of the Caribbean islands were found, then began to slowly grown commercially, mainly in the United States, Brazil, and Israel planted. Grapefruit fruit is picked from a smooth leaf tree, tree height 10m, white flowers, fruit large, pale yellow. The oil glands are buried deep in the skin and produce only a small amount of essential oil.
Extraction method
Grapefruit is a fresh fruit as raw material, by cold pressing method, the oil rate was 0.5~1%.
Therapeutic efficacy
The grapefruit has incentive emotional effect, can alleviate the pressure and frustration.
The grapefruit can help oily skin clean, can regulate the skin and tissue, but also help in the treatment of acne. Grapefruit is often used in hair care, can promote hair growth.
The grapefruit contains high concentrations of vitamin C, which is very valuable to the immune system. Can effectively prevent colds and flu.
Grapefruit essential oils are best suited for the decomposition of fat mass and woman buttocks, legs), to reduce the weight and diuretic also has positive effect, can help the body to exclude too much water. By stimulating the circulation of the lymphatic system, you can also remove toxins from the body.
For the treatment of muscle fatigue and stiffness significantly.
The incense and incense evaporator
In steam therapy, grapefruit essential oil can be used for the treatment of hangover, headache, oversexed, exhaustion and depression.
The compound do massage oil or diluted in the bathtub.
Grapefruit essential oil can be in compound massage oil in use, you can also add in the tub to promote fat decomposition, and treatment to help relieve colds, flu, lack of vitality, jet lag, muscle fatigue, excessive weight, headache, depressed, spirit and body fatigue.
Add ingredients to lotion, face cream and Body Lotion
When used as a cream, lotion or lotion add ingredients, grapefruit essential oils help to clean the grease and acne skin, also can help skin tissue to remove cellulite, eliminate too much water in the body.
matters needing attention
Grapefruit essential oil, no toxicity, no irritation and allergic. With the photosensitivity, after use skin do not long-term exposure to light, or it is recommended to use at night. Therefore, exposure to light, may cause irritation reaction.
Tips: pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and infants is not recommended with unilateral essential oils. Furthermore, some unilateral essential oils for dredging the channels and the role of, so menstruation with caution.
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Grapefruit Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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