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Geranium essential oil

Geranium is about 60 cm, pink flowers, a front end was acuminate and serrated, essential oils distilled mosaic came from, taste a little like roses, it is often a fake rose fragrance, but the smell of fine, geranium with lemon. The main origin of Southwest India Ocean near the island of Madagascar, Morocco, Reunion Island, a French production of good quality, but also the production of essential oils for Spain, yellow green. The feet of the hot water with a few drops of Geranium essential oil, can achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation to remove odor of main and collateral channels, but also to achieve the effect of beriberi.

The efficacy of skin

Geranium essential oil containing citronellol, Citronellyl formate, terpenes, Niu Ersuan, geraniol, linalool, citral, menthone and trace mineral elements. Its main function is to skin tone, Geranium extract the active ingredients and natural organic fat has a strong affinity. Geranium is almost suitable for various skin conditions.

Geranium essential oil can relieve pain, antibacterial, convergence into the fabric scar, enhance cellular defense function, its deep cleansing, balance sebum secretion, promote skin cell regeneration, repair scars, stretch marks, especially suitable for oily skin and acne skin, have very good effect to alleviate and eliminate acne.

Aromatic smell

Comprehensive sweet strong, composite rose and mint. Oil is colorless or pale green, sweet smell and slightly, a bit like a rose, is often used in the manufacture of women's perfume taste.

The 3 main functions

Analgesic, antibacterial, into the fabric scar, enhance cellular defense function, deodorization, hemostasis, filling body; the feet of hot water with a few drops of Geranium essential oil, can achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation to remove odor of main and collateral channels, but also to achieve the effect of beriberi.

Suitable for all skin, have deep purifying and astringent effect, balance sebum secretion;

Promote skin regeneration, repair scars, stretch marks.

4 skin effect

Suitable for all kinds of skin, can balance sebum secretion, make the skin plump; on the loose, blocked pores and oily skin is also very good, is a comprehensive cleansing oil;

Geranium can promote blood circulation, make the skin more pale ruddy vitality;

May be beneficial for eczema, burns, herpes zoster, herpes, ringworm and frostbite.

Blackhead, can be directly added Geranium essential oil glass bottle packaging and stirring according to international ratio of dark bottles Cleansing Cream, when cleaning the nose wash for two minutes, black natural out (slight can wash), geranium is natural cleaning agent.

5 psychological effect

Soothe anxiety, depression, but also boosted sentiment;

Effect of adrenal cortex, let psychological restore balance, relieve the pressure.

6 physiological effect

Improvement of premenstrual syndrome, menopausal problems (depression, vaginal dryness, menorrhagia).

Geranium has diuretic properties, can help the liver, kidney detoxification.

Strengthen the circulatory system, make the cycle more smoothly.

Geranium essential oil can make frostbite quickly faded, used for skin care, our skin will look very shiny, the most important is, it can treat endometriosis, and menstrual problems, diabetes, blood and inflammation of the throat, is a good nourishing sedative, Geranium on cancer help is very large, the most basic it can help the patient relax, relieve pain.



Use of 7 essential oils

Geranium is very charming, with a touch of green, even it smells very "green". Some people think it tastes like oil and rose, but careful feeling can be separated and their different. Although the geranium "feminine" no rose significantly. Geranium taste, is between sweet and bergamot oil rose strongly, and it makes it very easy to be neutral, and other essential oil blend.

(1) sweet Geranium flower can make people relaxed calm, to create harmony with the incense of love atmosphere, so like the wedding anniversary date, or friends, can incense geranium, the effect is very good Oh, simple and convenient.

(2) when we usually wash hair, can wash his hair in a bowl of warm water in 2 ~ 3 drops of geranium, her hair with oil soak in water, the maintenance of hair and make hair a light fragrance in a few days, increase your feminine charm. Of course, can also direct instillation of shampoo.

(3) Geranium essential oil is also excellent for skin care, fragrance, the taste of it also has convergence bactericidal effect, can balance the secretion of sebaceous glands. Dry or mixed skin is very suitable geranium, Geranium refreshing aroma and its characteristics, make it become the main additives of skin care products.

(4) geranium is middle-aged essential oil. Geranium applies to all kinds of skin, to promote circulation, make the pale complexion ruddy reply and vitality, so when the growth of the age, the skin is very difficult to keep shining, can be used to increase the skin rosy gloss geranium.

(5) and all the flower essential oil, Geranium has good bactericidal and anti depression ability, in addition it has the effect of convergence and hemostasis, therefore it is suitable for the treatment of trauma, help wound healing.

(6) Geranium can effectively kill the bacteria in the mouth and throat, so you can add with a sore throat, sore throat and gingivitis during infection and gargle mouthwash, but may be difficult to "compensation", so generally with myrrh or thyme, have some taste.

(7) geranium is especially suitable for reducing premenstrual tension, while its diuretic function, can help many women reduce premenstrual symptoms of fluid retention.

(8) also have a geranium to stimulate the lymphatic system function, this feature plus its diuretic function, geranium essential oil can be used for massage to treat the symptoms of cellulitis and swollen ankles. These two functions can be mutually reinforcing, coordinate the body quickly and effectively remove excess fluid, in fact Geranium tiaoshun with liver and kidney function, so not only in the sick can be used, usually use can also help us.

(9) after middle age, chest is sagging concerns, the main ingredients of Geranium oil and chest massage.

(10) the physiological menopause symptoms, and with such as hot flushes, sweats, depression, also can be used to improve the geranium. Secreted by the adrenal cortical hormone, is an important regulatory factor, can regulate the balance of hormones and other organs, including male and female hormones. It caused symptoms of menopause and various hormone levels change, can use hormone balance Geranium essential oil can solve.

(11) Geranium has antidepressant function, so don't like Bergamot strong smell, can use Geranium oil. When the heavy work, too much pressure, emotional or so. Geranium has a very good balance and coordination effect, it can change a person's attitude to the extreme, the pursuit of perfection and workaholic, geranium is the best help. Rest assured that it will not cut your enthusiasm for hard work, only will help you keep the balance between "heart" and "brain", eliminate you often hear, the so-called "should", "should I do this, I should do that" or "I don't want to do, but I should do" compulsive behavior, and to make two different kinds of self: logical, analytical, workaholic and emotion, you want to be spontaneous when you are happy and relaxed you, let you keep balance, the pursuit of the perfect personality is completed in the mood under the.




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Geranium Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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