Musk Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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[products]: indoor aromatherapy oil, composition is 100% pure plant extracts, natural essential oils. To provide you with a relaxed, carefree atmosphere, with slow nerve, emotional balance function.
- features, smell is to titillate our emotions. It can evoke happy memories and longing, as fragrance and emotional. Your Home Furnishing represents your personality, our home series can also reflect your taste.
Scanty slow nerve, balance - a mood of the play. Can be used as a multi form, add fresh flowers for Home Furnishing, a circle of flowers.
Natural plant essential oil has the following main functions: smell fragrant, natural aromatic via the olfactory nerve into the brain, can stimulate the brain anterior lobe secretes a brown eliminating and brain Brown eliminating two hormones, so that the spirit of showing a very comfortable state. This is guardian of the heart is very good recipe. And different essential oils can be combined with each other, the deployment of their favorite fragrance, will not undermine the essential oil of the qualities. On the contrary, oil function more powerful. Oil essence, anti infectious disease, against bacteria, viruses, fungi, can be anti - inflammatory, anti spasm, promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration function, make life better. While some oils can regulate the endocrine organs, promote the secretion of hormones, so that the body's physical and mental activity, access to good development.
[Methods]: burning aromatherapy oil, clear water is injected into the incense burner of the dish, with four to five drops of essential oil, candles burning for five to ten minutes.
Can also put a few drops of essential oil to the lotion, massage oil, hot bath. Only for external use, need to use dilution.
1) what is the essential oil?
Since ancient times, aroma oil (very effective in plant material) has been widely used for ease of body and mind *.
2) essential oil is how to play a role?
Perspective of olfactory nerve:
Our sense of smell is connected with the brain, and these signals can directly affect the flavor of our mind and emotions.
Through the massage and direct coating on the skin:
The benefits of essential oils, is able to resonate with our physical and emotional condition of each part. When in contact with the body or aromatherapy oil plus massage, can make the mental and physical relaxation, and make our body and mind of Shu Tai.
3) how to use aromatherapy oil?
With unique personal aromatherapy blend.
Enjoy a lot of aromatherapy oil, however, when in use must note never 100% pure essential oil is directly coated on the skin, otherwise it may cause skin sensitive and must be with the body shop of base oil mixed party can use bath or massage.
* many bath: 6 drops of essential oil with warm boiling water flow, the essential oil fragrance full play. Add extra moisturizing effect, can be an extra base oil 10ml.
* massage: 10ml base oil inverted in the container, then add Lot 6 drops of choice of aromatherapy oil and mix well, then gently will have been mixed tone of aromatherapy massage oil on the skin, different aromatherapy oils can bring different sensory enjoyment.
Burning aromatherapy oil: 4-5 drops of oil drops mushrooms in hot water, evaporation of the smell can also bring the effect of aromatherapy *.
[note]: burning aromatherapy oil advice
Do not let the candle burn every time more than 10 minutes, to ensure that the container does not burn dry.
Do not let the oil burning aromatherapy facial aromatherapy near the combustion vessel.
At the beginning of the need to ensure that the combustion vessel is clean and dry.
Never in the high temperature oil water, the burning vessel is placed on a fixed and stable plane, away from combustibles, do not put in the reach of children and pets to place.
We must always pay attention to burning candles, because dust or insects will make it stronger.
If you accidentally aromatherapy oil into the eyes, please rinse immediately with water rinse thoroughly and see a doctor. If swallowed, essential oils, please seek immediate medical.
Essential oils will be stored in children can not reach.
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Musk Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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