Green Tea Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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Green Tea essential oil extraction, which is beneficial to human body composition Green Tea essence, extract the essence is not easy, one hundred kilograms of Green Tea yields only about three kg of oil, and the incense heating catalytic Green Tea into pure essential oil, its fragrance, sweet natural antioxidant, anti-cancer, prevention, in cells, with effects of second-hand smoke, decomposition of excellent antibacterial, purifying the air.
2 commonly used functions
1: in the Green Tea essential oil skin care, there is a called the tea polyphenol substances, such substances with antioxidant effects, and vitamin B, E and so on, can play a water tight skin, repair damaged skin such as the role of mild.
2: in the regulation of physiological function Green Tea oil, contains a certain amount of caffeine, tea polyphenols and caffeine can coexist, to play a role in the stomach, stimulate gastric acid secretion to avoid, in addition, aromatic compounds containing can dissolve fat, prevent fat accumulation in the body, helps digestion and reduces fat.
3 radiation: in Green Tea essential oil, tea polyphenol compounds which contains in addition to the antioxidant, and can remove excess free gene induced by radiation, so as to achieve the purpose of anti radiation effect, plays a role in radiation protection agent.
4 antibacterial Qingfei: Green Tea oil containing antibacterial substances, helps to maintain fresh breath, eliminate bad breath and prevent tooth decay. It helps to clear and decomposition of respiratory and tracheal, because of smoking and nicotine accumulation, to removing phlegm and cleaning lung function.
5: Green Tea refreshing essential oils of caffeine and caffeine are the same chemical structure Coffee in, but in the Green Tea oil specific catechin (also known as catechins) under the influence of the spirit, have gradually recovered, endurance and sober, and even slow and long-lasting excitatory effect.
3 Green Tea essential oil usage
1 smell aromatic therapy:
This is the most classic aromatherapy essential oils, the use of essential oils are highly volatile, placed in room temperature can be spread out, and we use the essential oil molecules between breaths inhaled
Methods: the incense: incense device for plug-in, smokeless candle or without water.
2 water vapor method:
Put 1-3 drops of essential oil drops in nearly boiling hot water, with the mouth, nose breathing alternately essential oil molecules into the pulmonary circulation to the body, but not in patients with asthma.
Handkerchief method: 1-3 drops of oil drops on a handkerchief in the carry, can use at any time.
3 massage absorption method:
Most of the oil has to go through the base oil to reconcile after can be used on the skin. The best time is in the massage bath, skin moist, capillary expansion, good blood circulation effect is the best; can also trickle down oil emulsion, as the exclusive personal care products!
For example: the deployment of 2% massage oil or lotion
Base oil or lotion: 30ML
A total of 12 drops of essential oil: 1~4, drip into the base oil or lotion, shaking evenly.
4 according to deposition method:
3-5 drops of oil drops in the towel, can be used in cold or hot compress; or the use of base oil diluted directly rub the affected area.
5 bath method:
Soaked in oil before the first drops into the mix, or first base oil dilution, can join the 1-3 essential oils, the total number of drops 5-8 drops, water temperature is not overheating, otherwise the oil will quickly evaporate, bath time 15-20 minutes.
6 daily use:
In fact, essential oils can be used in our daily life, such as the mint essential oil into the shampoo, dandruff and scalp oil is too troubled, there is an amazing improvement, while the home had a cat or dog, or add a few drops of Eucalyptus in mopping the floor or tea tree oil, not only can avoid the pet fleas pests, but also help the environment clean.
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Green Tea Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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