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Evening primrose oil
Species will only open the beautiful flowers in the night, but the sun will fade after the sunrise of the plant seeds extracted ingredients. This plant was named Primrose Evening (evening), also known as "late cherry blossoms".
Through thousands of years, with the mysterious veil of evening grass oil contribution to human physiology has finally been confirmed by science, there is one of the most important effective component is called Linolenic Acid Gamma (gamma linoleic acid, referred to as GLA) -6 series of polyunsaturated fatty acids (a review of this column has been mentioned in the deep sea fish oil contained in DHA, -3 is a EPA series polyunsaturated fatty acids, both physiological effect is very similar).
GLA why is it helpful to the human body? First of all, we must first understand that the fat is made up of fatty acids, which is the same as the protein that is made up of amino acids. Different types of fatty acid ratio combined into a variety of different oils and fats, and the body can also be a variety of different fatty acids to be converted to meet the needs of human physiology. However, for a small number of specific fatty acids such as gla and EPA... Human body cannot synthesize itself must by food intake, we call these fatty acids as "essential fatty acids", the lack of essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid, the most obvious symptoms is the skin is extremely dry or inflamed, itching caused by the phenomenon. Essential fatty acid deficiency is most likely to occur in the infant, causing the phenomenon of incomplete development. Although the development of the national diet, adults are not prone to essential fatty acid deficiency, however, many essential fatty acids in the intake of more cases, there will be a beneficial effect of physiological functions, such as EPA and DHA, we discussed in the deep sea fish oil, and we discuss the GLA.
Anti inflammation
GLA (gamma - acid) in the human body through the physiological and biochemical reactions will be generated in a bio - prostaglandin E1, prostaglandin E1 (PGE1)
Can replace the body of the original normal physiological role of PGE1, but PGE2 has a strong smooth muscle relaxation effect, therefore, is speculated to contribute to asthma remission and the role of blood pressure drop. Although many general doses of clinical trials are not supported by this argument, however, the endogenous inflammatory factor, prostaglandin induced allergic dermatitis (eczema atopic) is shown to be effective approximately (Edben et, al. A, study of evening primrose seed oil asthma atopic in prostaglandins, Leukot Essent Fatty Acids P. 35 (2): Feb. 69-72 1989). A group of Swiss biochemical scientists led by Bilgi (Biagi), for a group of IgE immune function due to abnormal immune function caused by atrophic dematitis atopic children, evening see grass oil to be treated, the results show that GLA can effectively improve the body of an anti inflammation within the linolenic acid -dihomogamma (DGLA) concentration in the body, the high concentration of evening see grass oil groups, more can be found in the obvious improvement of symptoms. By a series of clinical trials, and prove the ease grass oil for the anti inflammation effect of evening primrose, biochemists began trying to month to see the grass tanker for autoimmune reactions such as multiple spondylitis, lupus erythematosus caused by inflammation. The results were also obtained (P.C. Calder modern people are satisfied with the results, the effect of fatty acids on lymphocyte functions, Braz J Med Biol tes, 1993; 9 (26): 901-917). However, it is worth noting that the deep sea fish oil (W-3 oil) also has this role, so unless you are vegetarian, or for the remission of autoimmune inflammation, may be combined with the use of grass oil and deep sea fish oil Co.
Remission of disease
When we found that usually get along with them lively and lovely and gentle girl friend, suddenly became melancholy, bad temper, generally the most intuitive guesses may "ah! She must be the one coming. "" most of the female life almost half a lifetime must each month with her "good friend" to spend 5 to 10 days of time, however, because in women in menstrual around the corner in front of about two to three days, will be due to hormonal changes, menstrual cramps and will cause inflammation cytokines on prostaglandin (single) concentration of ascension due to peeling of endometrial bleeding, month to see the grass oil contained in the GLA is can inhibit the rise in the inflammatory effects of prostaglandin concentration, reduce of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) discomfort reaction. Once there was a severe breast pain caused by the former syndrome, in order to see grass oil as a treatment of clinical trials, the results on the role of the bright moon and traditional oral hormone therapy to treat breast swelling pain relief effect similar to (Genolet et., Al. Diagnosis, and treatment of mastodynial P.M., Med Sruisse Romande Red, 1995; 115 (5): 385-390). Another problem facing women is osteoporosis, so how to reduce the loss of calcium has become an important issue. According to a mouse for the subjects of the experiment found that, on a month to month see grass oil feeding around a group of rat urine calcium content was significantly lower, and for hypercalciuria rats to prevent the loss of calcium is meaningful (i. Tulloch et. al., evening primrose oil by urinary calcium excretion in both normal and - and hypercalciuric rats, 1994, 22 (4).). The experiment also supports the use of evening see grass oil can reduce the loss of calcium, and has the effect of osteoporosis prevention. Due to all kinds of evening grass oil, the female physiological health care has been helpful, so in the health food market, evening see grass oil should be the preferred choice of female friends.
Lower thrombus
Evening grass oil and deep sea fish oil, are all essential fatty acids, in vivo metabolism in the process will replace the peanut oil four inflammatory endogenous factors, such as prostaglandin, white blood cells three and X2 Thrombosane al. Prostacyclin release in experimental diabetes: effect of evening oil Essent Fatty Acids Prostaglandins E.J. Leukot primrose et Steven Sep 699-701.
In addition, Dr. Fan An (Fan) more in the 1995 in the Journal of the Journal of arterial blood vessels in the GLA can reduce the proliferation of mast cells and smooth muscle cells, while reducing the incidence of arterial stiffness.
Evening see grass oil in addition to the elderly people often suffer from cardiovascular disease prevention and control, for another old disease - diabetes is also very useful. Neuropathy is a side effect of diabetes, scientists also found that the grass oil has a protective effect on nerve cells, reduce the incidence of the role of N.E. (Cameron et, al. Br., J. Pharmacol C.D., 1993; 109 (4) 972-979; Dines et, al. Eur, J Pharmacol, 1995 Aug; 281 (3): 303-309. British chemist Grant et al. In the evening to see grass oil feeding a group of mice suffering from gestational diabetes, found that the weight and health of the mice are not in the evening to see grass oil normal mice, they found that evening grass oil can reduce the incidence of diabetes, although this is not a human object experiment, however, to see grass oil as a chronic disease maintenance, in fact, is a good choice!
Anticancer effect
When it comes to cancer, probably most people have attributed it to the end of human life killer, after the treatment as prevention of the more meaningful, therefore, no matter what kind of health food, most "to" and "anti-cancer" link some of the relationship, may see the anticancer effect of grass oil, in fact only stay in the stage of research using mouse as a sample, and the principle of its anticancer is primrose oil has "reduced fat peroxide" reaction of rat adipocytes in vivo, because peroxidation will generate free radicals, causing the cells of cancer lesions (S. Kokura, et al., Efficacy of hyperthermis and polyunsaturated fatty acids on experimental carcinoma; Cancer Res, 1997 Jun; 57 (11): 2200-2202).
So, evening see grass oil is considered to have anti-tumor effect, in addition, scientists also found that has hindered the normal vascular cells and tumor endothelial cell fusion reaction, so that can also slow down the development of Jiang W.G. al. et communication regulates gap junction endothelial in and cells inter their with action tumor cells. Essent Fatty acids Prostaglandins GLA, 1997 Apr; 56 (4): Leukot GLA 307-316.
Evening saw grass oil is mainly from the grass seed, after low temperature press or mixed solvent low temperature extraction (Henan sub sub sub sub Biological Technology Co., Ltd.) patented technology) [2], natural evening saw grass oil was pale yellow, about 90% of unsaturated fatty acids, the content of which is about 70% of the content of Acid LA (Linoleic) and about 10% ~ 7 of GLA. Because of the gla and La all belong to highly unsaturated fatty acid (contains more double bonds), stable oleaginous degree is high, easy and the effect of air and oxidation deterioration. Therefore, on the market see grass oil will probably add a small amount of vitamin E as stable quality of antioxidants.
Suitable for skin
Dry or chapped skin aging. Is also a kind of excellent moisturizing agent. Suitable for dry skin, prevent aging; psoriasis and dry eczema. Note: Please placed in the reach of children and placed in the shade.
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Evening Primrose Base Oil / Carrier Oil AKARZ Natural 10ML 30ML 100ML
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