Coconut Base Oil / Carrier Oil AKARZ Natural 10ML 30ML 100ML

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Organic cold pressed coconut oil at a temperature of 25 degrees above the appearance such as water, when the temperature is below 25.


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Basic introduction of coconut oil
Coconut oil, palm plants in coconut endosperm, crushed by drying after steaming the extracted oil. Coconut oil is a white liquid in the tropics, with a solid in the cold place, with a special smell, and a fresh smell.
Effects and effects of coconut oil
Spicy, warm, spleen meridian tropism. Insecticidal antipruritic; wound healing. Treatment of scabies, frostbite.
1 beauty care
Coconut oil has a strong cleaning effect, can clean the skin of dirt and organic natural pure fresh coconut oil, and certainly not to hurt the skin, for up remover, clean, and external treatment can protect the skin from ultraviolet light.
2 hair care
Pure fresh coconut oil is only can reduce the loss of hair proteins of oil, can give you a healthy glow natural hair, but also prevent dandruff, scalp, prevent premature gray hair and bald.
Daily take just the right amount of coconut oil to massage the scalp and Fashao or after washing hair smeared with coconut oil, or bedtime using coconut oil massage head and scalp, the next morning with a weak acid shampoo is rinsed off, hair look smooth and soft, black and shiny and effectively control dandruff. Wipe two or three times a day, a few weeks later to bear fruit.
3 Detox
The high stability of pure fresh coconut oil makes it less likely that it will not produce any spoilage in the body and increase the body burden with other foods. Characteristics of pure fresh coconut oil and medium chain fatty acid and a other edible oils do not have, that is to the toxin has strong row it, strong antibacterial function of various fatty acid can efficiently kill harmful virus in the body, and the accumulation of toxins in the gradually excreted without hesitation, this is the most natural health law.
4 teeth
General mouthwash to achieve sterilization and disinfection functions contain large amounts of alcohol and chemical drugs, on the body have side effects, and coconut oil containing rich in lauric acid is a natural antibiotic, after brushing your teeth, drink a mouthful of coconut oil 10-15CC containing in the mouth after 1-2 minutes, swallowed into belly or spit out, can kill bacteria in the mouth to whiten teeth gingival health insurance.
Nutritive value of coconut oil
Coconut oil is the only one in our daily food chain fatty acid composition of fat, in the chain of fat molecules than other foods, long chain fatty molecules, easy to be absorbed by human body digestion and absorption, the digestive enzymes of the coconut oil without the use of human pancreatic digestive enzyme system, the body of the enzyme and hormone system is very small pressure. And the liver is more inclined to use medium chain fatty acids as a source of fuel for production, thereby improving the efficiency of metabolism.
Medium chain fatty acid has a comprehensive natural antibacterial ability, the saturated fatty acids have the same antioxidant role, it can be used for treatment of children with rickets, adult osteoporosis and bone protection from free radical damage.
Storage of coconut oil
Coconut oil has stable performance, and does not need to be kept in cold storage. It can be placed in the room temperature for at least 2-3 years.
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Coconut Base Oil / Carrier Oil AKARZ Natural 10ML 30ML 100ML
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