Artemisia Leaf Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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 AKARZ Famous brand pure natural aromatherapy Artemisia Leaf essential oil Slow dysmenorrhea Enhance immunity Artemisia Leaf oil





Wormwood oil is extract extracted from wormwood in the form, the effect is significant with moxibustion!
Natural mugwort extraction and refined, the appearance of light yellow or green yellow. Warm meridians and collaterals, Qi and blood circulation, relieve cold pain, improve local circulation, increase immunity. On the points or the affected area, knead to absorb.
chemical composition
Wormwood oil ingredients: wormwood (sieversin), 4- - hydroxy -8- acetoxy -8- acetoxy -1 (2), 9 (10) - guaiane diene -6, 12- lactone [4-hydroxy-8-acetoxyguaia-1 (2) (10), 9 -dien-6,12-olede][1] (artabsin), artabsin artabsin (artabsin), ocean docetaxel (sbsinthin) [2] (siev-ersinin), Ai Caoning [3], 11- absinthin (11-epiabsinthin), 11, 10, 11- absinthin (11, 10, 10, 11-epiabsinthin), 11- absinthin (10, 11-epiab-sinthin), Artemisia plain (artesiversin), 11 - two Mexico B hydrogen artemisinin (2 alpha beta -hydroxy-8-desoxy-11, 13-dihydroxrupicolinB), 11 13- two Hanfeilin hydrogen alpha, [11 alpha, 13-dihydro-4 (2) -hanphyllin] - (8-, isovaleric acid, isoamyl acyloxy) neryl ester (8-isovaleryoxy-nerylisovalerate), alpha 2, alpha 3 Alpha of epoxy - 11, 13 - two hydrogen to hydrogen costunolide (2 alpha, 13-dihydrodeth-drocostrslactone), Erodium bull ene (dermacetene) d, dextral curcumene cur-cumene, isovaleric acid orange flower alcohol ester (nerylisovalerate), 4 - didanosine sub pyrethrins 4-de-hydroxyajadin ludartin, Yang AI Su anabsinthin [4], the cones chamomile essence globicin [5], spearmint oil azulene (Chamazulene), spearmint oil refined (chamazuleno-gen) [6], Artemisia terpene lactones (artemolin [7]. Also containing lignan sub complexes: sesamin (sesamin), e, alpha Asihanting (E, a-ashantin), e, EUI Artemisia fat numb plastid (E, e-sesartemin), Liriodendron alcohol resin B dimethyl ether (yangambin, O, O-dimethyllirioresinolB), Liriodendron alcohol resin a dimethyl ether (epiyangambin, O, O-dimethyllirioresinolA) [4]. Contains flavonoids: AI Flavin (artemisetin) and hunt grass eye Flavin (chrysosplenetin) [8], rutin (rutin) and Isoquercitrin isoquercetrin [9] and horse chestnut skin pigment esculetin, coffee acid (caf-feicacid) [8] and (essentialoil) [10] and other anti-inflammatory effects of essential oils.
Wormwood oil is commonly used for soaking bath and moxibustion.
Wormwood oil foot specific methods: 45-60 degrees hot water bathing disc flooded to the ankle, drip 3-5 drops of essential oil of wormwood, with towel surrounded by bath disc feet for 15-20 minutes. If you have symptoms of cold hands and feet, that extended to 25 minutes, the temperature drop is added to the same proportion of water and oil of wormwood.
A few small prescription wormwood feet:
Wormwood oil and ginger can cure cold, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cough, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma.
Wormwood oil with Honghua can improve the varicose vein, peripheral neuritis, poor blood circulation or blood stasis, hands and feet.
Wormwood oil for salt fire, often redness, toothache, sore throat, upset gas impatient, lit under the cold, leg swelling.
Wormwood oil plus 20 pepper, for foot, foot odor, beriberi, eczema.
Indications efficacy
Wormwood oil efficacy indications, Qi and blood, warm the meridians, expelling dampness, analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, stimulate the digestive gland, antitussive phlegm, promoting circulation, Qi, improve immunity. Apply proper amount of this product daub at the needed position, to massage until completely absorbed by the skin, to a month period, week continuous use for five days to stop 2 days or 3 weeks in a row stop a week of, long-term use of [1].
Dysmenorrhea: take this product about 5 drops in the abdomen massage, can warm meridians to promote abdominal blood circulation, has a very good dredging effect, relieve the palace cold induced pain (in the period of use)
Periarthritis of shoulder: take about 10 drops on the shoulder and neck massage can effectively relieve neck and shoulder pain
Cough phlegm: take 2 drops, 5 drops in the throat in the chest massage, can reduce phlegm, relieving cough
To promote digestion: take about 5 drops in the abdomen massage, can effectively promote the normal operation of the digestive system
Improve immunity: take about 20 drops massage coccygeal vertebra and spine 2 side, or from each about 5 drops to massage the soles of the feet and with their feet, long-term use can Qi, effectively enhance immunity
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Artemisia Leaf Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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