Almond Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )

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Skin care efficacy
In addition to olive oil can be used for the emergency care of both hands dry, almond oil is also able to soften the skin around the nail polish is very good care products, after washing bath or trim the nails [3], with a painted round the way to massage moisture, you can strengthen the nails and prevent dry skin around the hard!
Rich in minerals, protein and various vitamins, is a kind of skin care and moisturizing effect of excellent vegetable oil, suitable for all kinds of skin. It can effectively reduce the phenomenon of skin and the people, to eliminate swelling, dry and inflammation. Can stimulate the endocrine system of the pituitary gland, thymus gland and adrenal gland, to promote cell renewal.
Almond oil can make the skin smooth and tender, if long-term use can effectively eliminate the encounter of pregnancy. The almond oil is extremely mild, so even a baby can be used, in addition to motion caused by excessive muscle pain, in terms of almond oil massage can strengthen the cells with oxygen function, eliminate fatigue and carbonate accumulation, with analgesic and reduce the stimulatory effect.
Summary: 1 separate massage (body) 2 deployment of unilateral essential oil massage (facial) 3 to strengthen the nail
Hair efficacy
The effect and method of almond oil
First clean the hair, wipe dry after slowly a layer of almond oil, oil well, but must remember to dry hair. After the good, slowly massage for about 5 minutes, took a hot towel (not wring too dry, too wet to also be no good, good hair, cover it with a shower cap, be sure to wearing a hat, because the electric cap is made of cloth, if there is water afraid of leakage. Just 15 minutes later, unplug the plug, do not immediately remove the hat, because it is still very hot, you can wait for it to cool slowly, probably more than 5 minutes it can go to wash the. Washed hair, and so it killed, the effect is very good.
Anti wrinkle
Almond oil can prevent wrinkles around the eyes
Corner of the eye pattern, to deal with annoying fine lines, wrinkles or fine lines, with two drops of almond oil plus on a little aloe gel and mix well after Mayu Department of fine lines, once painted to absorb, and immediately see lines (when they go out, do not wash can be directly on the makeup).
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Almond Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure ( 30ML 100ML )
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