AKARZ face serum Deep sea roe serum extract essence stoste face skin care products anti aging Restore skin luster

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Deep sea roe essence: immunoglobulin and anti-aging factor, protein content of more than 80%, rich in amino acids, but also rich in lecithin, cephalin, lipopolysaccharide, vitamins and trace elements, and transfer factor, protein activity factor, collagen protein, organic phosphorus compounds, membrane acid and nucleic acid compounds etc.. Immune globulin and rich nutrients can make the body skin to obtain a rebirth of the two development and rebirth. Long term use of the promotion of human immune function, can effectively delay, reduce wrinkles and a variety of aging phenomenon, restore skin elasticity; improve skin, delicate skin, reduce skin pores, so that the skin delicate and smooth; restore skin luster. With precious Apple stem cell liposome, 24 hours of growth factors, collaxyl, blue ketone peptide ultrafine particle to the molecule, roe skin's layer, nourish the skin repair camps, the tiny fissure, promote cell regeneration, can effectively smoothen wrinkles wrinkles wrinkles false smile, forever 18 years old
Name: deep sea roe essence of living cells stoste
Main ingredients: roe essence, placenta, blue copper peptide, marine energy extract, hyaluronic acid, collagen etc.
The main function: to accelerate the synthesis of collagen, anti free radical, wake up dormant cells, improve the combination of cuticle and cell aging, improve relaxation decline, smoothen dry face, make the skin smooth and compact, full of flexibility, radiant.
Applicable to all skin types. Women over 26 years of age, especially in the hope that 10 years, 20 years later still appear younger than their peers.





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AKARZ face serum Deep sea roe serum extract essence stoste face skin care products anti aging Restore skin luster
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