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Fresh lemon aroma, refreshing spirit can help alleviate irritability, lemon essence, essential oils also have a lot of positive effects on skin and body conditioning. Rich in vitamin C, lemon fruit, lemon essential oil but no vitamins, lemon essential oil of limonene is especially beneficial to whitening, convergence, balance oil secretion, treatment of acne, oily skin symptoms.
The characteristics of essential oils
Fresh and sweet with fresh and strong light clean fragrance, citrus is inside one of the best detoxification and deodorization effect, is often used as many industrial perfume fixative for good
The source of flavor, lemon sour because of sweet, few people eat directly, but its inherent acidity is good antibacterial antidote, we eat seafood barbecue food, often next will attach a slice of lemon, and then sprinkled with lemon flavor of seafood is overflowing, originally the smell of meat completely disappeared. This is also the citric acid can be transformed to ammonia smell means, so in eighteenth Century seventeen, Spain and Portugal and have found that lemon washed hair detoxification and deodorization, antibacterial effect, not only for fragrant agent of the mouth, and even used against malaria and typhoid. Regardless of production and use of lemon essential oil is the largest fruit essential oil, extracted from the peel, mining by cold press press, its fragrance can help boost the spirit, thoughts of clarification, eliminate burnout, and stomach, helping digestion, because rich in vitamins C, B, and has a natural acid, also improved the role for skin spots, wrinkles, skin care products can be said to be filled.
Lemon essential oil can improve the circulation system function, including promoting blood circulation, to reduce blood pressure, nosebleeds. It can enhance the immune system, purify the body, improve the digestive system function, the decomposition of fat group, treatment of indigestion and constipation.
Lemon oil soothing and relieve headache and migraine, through comprehensive acidic substances in the body, but also help in treating arthritis and rheumatism. Helps to clean acne, oily skin and hair clean and remove dead skin cells.
The feet of the water a few drops of lemon essential oil, can achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation to remove odor of main and collateral channels, but also to achieve the effect of beriberi.
(1) skin care
Can remove the dead cells, bright color, tight capillaries, promote collagen, fade melanin, purify the effect on oily skin, soften scar tissue; improve oily skin, cleansing, convergence, balance oil secretion, skin whitening effect; for the removal of corns, warts and all common warts very effective, can soften the scar tissue, preventing nail fork crack. Mild skin whitening maintenance, prevent wrinkles, increase skin luster, fade freckles, oily skin to help reduce sebum secretion, corn, verrucous tumor.
(2) physiological effect
The perfect tonic circulation system, the blood flow, reduce the pressure parts of varicose veins; recovery of red blood cell vitality
At the same time, reduce the phenomenon of anemia, stimulate white blood cells, help the body fight infectious diseases; promote the digestive function. Stimulate white blood cells, are applicable to all kinds of wounds or trauma, bleeding, wound healing, tiaoshun entire digestive system, have a certain effect on the stomach, gastric ulcer. Conditioning circulation system, especially suitable for the treatment of varicose veins, for hypertension, prevention of colds, fever, slow down skin aging, help digestion, prevent mosquito bites, gingival inflammation, oral ulcer.
(3) psychological effect
Feeling hot irritability, can bring fresh feeling, helping to clarify thoughts.
The use of 6 methods
1 skincare deployment method: according to a certain proportion of oil directly after use (2ml base oil: 1D essential oil) or drop into the amount of toner, to use cream, massage cream, facial mask is also used for water allocation.
2 massage: for the deployment of other essential oils or mixed base oil dilution do massage;
3 bath method: when bathing a few drops of essential oils, bath, can relax, eliminate fatigue, skin lubrication;
4 hair care method: drip 1-2 drops of essential oil in single use shampoo or conditioner, massage to keep hair care;
5 incense method: add a few drops of oil drops into the incense heating apparatus to distribute, can purify the environment, relieve and relax.
1, slimming: local slimming massage, can remove excess water, lose weight, the effect is good. 2 drops of lemon essential oil + cinnamon essential oil 3 drops of rosemary essential oil 3 drops + 6 ml of sunflower oil;
2, skin wipe: a circle wipe, remove dead skin, brighten skin, clean pores, clean skin. Aloe vera gel 50 ml + Lemon + 3 drops Neroli 2 drops + 3 drops of lavender;
3, soothing mood: incense, bring fresh feeling. Lemon + 3 drops Bergamot 3 drops + 2 drops of orange huiqing;
4, joint massage: alleviate gout, rheumatism and arthritis. Sweet almond oil 5 ml + lemon drops + gin + 3 drops 2 drops of chamomile;
5, the stomach massage: eliminate constipation, improve diabetes. Sweet almond oil 20 ml + Lemon + 7 drops coriander + 2 drops 3 drops of nutmeg;
6, respiratory tract / incense: antimicrobial, the treatment of respiratory tract infections, such as influenza. 2 drops of lemon eucalyptus + + 2 drops 1 drops of frankincense;
7, varicose veins: the blood flow, reduce the pressure parts of varicose veins. Sweet almond oil 20 ml + Lemon + 6 drops of ylang ylang + 2 drops 2 drops of lavender;
8, wash slobber: eliminate mouth odor, infection and prevention of oral mucosa. Gargle 2 drops of lemon essential oil with 200 ml of water;
9, hair hair: soak hair, reducing dandruff, and hair care, hair supple effect. Lemon Essential Oil 2 drops into the wash basin, wash your hair, soaking them, about 5 minutes -10;
10, face mask: suitable for conditioning oily skin, large pores. Lemon essential oil + 1 drops of tea tree oil + 1 drops mixed in the mask, apply 15 minutes;
Using the method and formula of the
1 suction method:
1-2 drops in a handkerchief or towel or filled with boiling water bowl, the bowl edge and face with a towel to wrap, breathing slowly and deeply, can clarify the thoughts, to face the fumigation but also helps to slow down the aging, inhibit Mycobacterium tuberculosis immunity.
2 cold:
In a drop 1-2 drops of cold water or cold water with ice, towel soaked, wring Fuyu forehead and temple fever. Such cuts or trauma can add 1 drops of tea tree oil deposited on the surface of the skin, can help sterilization hemostasis help wound healing.
3 bath method:
In 35 degrees Celsius hot water 1-2 drops of lemon or lemon 1-2 +2 (with 3ML drop Geranium diluted milk) for 20-30 minutes, can make your skin and purify the skin, prevent wrinkles.
4 massage:
Physical conditioning: 1 drops of lemon drop Geranium +1 +5ml grape seed oil massage the whole body, to comply with the direction of the principle of the heart, abdomen in a clockwise direction has curative effect on stomachache, gastric ulcer, gout, joint pain, is also very suitable for varicose vein.



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Citrus Essential Oil AKARZ Natural And Pure (30ML 100ML )
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